Pioneers in high-temperature insulation technology

MINILEIT is the U.S. subsidiary German-based ISOLITE GmbH, a pioneer in high temperature and acoustic solutions for nearly four decades.

Exhaust temperature management, TIER4 final, EPA norm, acoustic and noise reduction – that is our daily business and expertise for you. Bundled with clever logistics and low tooling efforts.

MINILEIT will solve your thermal challenges, help you increase thermal engine efficiency, reduce noise – and provide local content USA pricing for tooling and final product.

We understand that insulation assembly and exhaust component TIER supply chain management is the key to overall cost structures. We understand the value of optimized part logistics, close partnership and even onsite assembly support for customer self-assembly.

MINILEIT – will turn high temperature insulation from a burden into a real advantage for you.

Managing energy – worldwide

Think global, act local. With our five locations in Mexico, the USA, South Korea, South Africa and Bosnia we can respond fast to events in the market and be there for our customers when they need us.