High-performance insulation systems for the world’s leading industries. Our thermal and acoustic insulating and sealing systems are valued as much by the energy generation industry as they are by our customers in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Use the filter buttons below to find out which of our pioneering systems are right for your industry.

  • Integral-Liner

    Forming a strong unit with your component.
  • Blanket

    The flexible solution for your components.
  • Turbo-Liner

    The most effective way to retain exhaust energy.
  • Superinsulation

    The ideal insulation for low-pressure turbines.
  • Heatshield

    The most cost-effective form of external insulation.
  • Akustop

    For a wide range of thermo-acoustic insulation solutions.
  • Firewall

    Fire-resistant and quiet.
  • HeatCAP

    Fire and heat protection for a wide range of applications.
  • NoiseCAP

    The acoustic encapsulation system for stationary gas turbines.
  • iTEX ST

    Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.

    Surface protection and heat retention through reflection.
  • iTEX XP

    Expansion enables more insulation with the same installation space.

    Less loss of energy thanks to water-resistant coating.
  • iTEX bag

    Insulation made easy.
  • iTEX epack

    Nothing but pure fibers.
  • iTEX estop

    The insulation that holds its shape.
  • iTEX net

    The net for extra protection.