• Integral-Liner

    Forming a strong unit with your component.
  • Blanket

    The flexible solution for your components.
  • Turbo-Liner

    The most effective way to retain exhaust energy.
  • Heatshield

    The most cost-effective form of external insulation.
  • iTEX net

    The net for extra protection.
  • iTEX epack

    Nothing but pure fibers.
  • iTEX bag

    Insulation made easy.

    Less loss of energy thanks to water-resistant coating.
  • iTEX XP

    Expansion enables more insulation with the same installation space.

    Surface protection and heat retention through reflection.
  • iTEX ST

    Thermal insulation and acoustic absorption at the highest level.
  • Akustop

    For a wide range of thermo-acoustic insulation solutions.
  • iTEX estop

    The insulation that holds its shape.