The ideal insulation for low-pressure turbines.

Superinsulation combines heat insulation and sealing functions. Consisting of a lining-encased insulating body made of special metal alloys, this insulation system can be used in temperatures as high as 1000°C. Its excellent resistance to hot gas corrosion and compressive loads makes it perfect for use in turbines. The sealing function is enhanced by the insulating body’s expansion effect. High temperatures cause the insulating body (iTEX XP) to inflate or expand when exposed to temperatures of around 250°C or higher.

With this system, the insulation modules installed in the turbine housing at normal temperature, which are generally already adapted to the inside contours of the housing, expand on first heating, filling any remaining spaces between the insulation system and the internal wall of the housing. In a model install between a turbine shell and a heat shield, the insulation system continues to fit the geometry of the assembly homogeneously and durably after expansion, ensuring optimum efficiency.



  • Extremely precise fit and dimensional stability
  • Highly resistant to hot gas corrosion and compressive loads
  • Reduces stator temperature, so less susceptible to cracking
  • Easy to fit and handle