The most effective way to retain exhaust energy.

Turbo Liners are internal high temperature insulation systems, most of which feature easy removal and refitting. Designed to avoid direct contact between the exhaust flow and the turbine housing, both the outer casing and the inner lining are made of high temperature resistant stainless steels or alloys. Because this internal insulating system is installed close to the engine, it is the most effective way to retain energy in the exhaust flow.

With its outstanding erosion resistance, excellent heat retention and small footprint, this innovative insulation system opens up new scope for boosting effectiveness and efficiency. Far lower material stresses, improved energy retention in the exhaust system and therefore substantially lower emissions are major benefits that set the ISOLITE Turbo Liner apart from conventional external insulation systems.

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  • Optimizes exhaust aftertreatment
  • Flexibility in choice of materials
  • Lower weight as no other insulation required
  • Optimum flow control